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Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts on going natural and relaxed hair

I am 4 months post relaxer. I'm still happy with my decision to go natural, but I am nervous. I fear that i will damage and ruin my hair in the process. I try my best to keep my roots moisturized and my hair in protective styles. Let's be honest I don't always have the time. While going natural i hope to gain healthy hair, a different look, and a acceptance for my natural beauty. Yes I have only been relaxed for 5, 6 years but over the years, you forget about the natural beauty that you already had before the perms, weaves, etc.

What do I think about relaxed hair?
Relaxed hair is beautiful if you can keep it up and maintain a healthy regimen. I see nothing wrong if you decide that you would like to keep relaxing your hair. Personally the relaxer has ruined my hair in the begining. My hair was limp, lifeless and my ends look like kaka excuse my french. I haven't told many about something that happened to me during my last relaxer. The lady burned me so bad i had to wash out one side before she could even apply the relaxer to the other side. Now if that doesn't sound messed up enough, well here's what else that happened. I couldn't comb my hair for 2 weeks i swear because one side of my head the hair was so badly burned it looked like melted plastic, NO BUENO!

Fortunately with lots of research i turned my hair around completely. Now I'm just curious as to what i really look like. Hope you guys can help me on this journey to stay focus.

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