Where for art thou kink?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's Sunday June 13th 2010 exactly 1:29pm. Today, I am exactly 3 months and 1 week clean. So it's still early! I have a long journey to travel before I can officially say I'm off the Krack, Kreamy Krack that is. I have been relaxed for the last 6 years and boy what a rollercoaster. My reason for perming is not like everyone else. My reason is slight different. I never really wanted to relax my hair. I always dreamed of growing my natural hair forever. Then through out high school I developed a interest in locks. I thought locks were awesome, but of course my mother thought differently. So fighting for months about my hair i decide to rebel and perm my hair. Of course in the beginning it was beautiful, long and thick. I'm thinking okay not bad i can do this. Then a year later i moved to Florida to attend Nova Southeastern University where i studied child development. Not having much time to take care of myself, my hair suffered. It started to thin and break and would never grow. So i cut 5 inches off to start over with fresh healthy ends. Still my hair was just O.K.! Early last year i decided i was fed up with my hair so I began my research to get my hair back. So after being on a healthy hair journey for five months my hair transformed amazingly. Thanks to online hair gurus and mainly a site called www.hairlista.com (awesome for all hair types, look for Sunshyne) So finally i learned how to take care my hair and entered the new year with thicker healthy ends.

Now that i know how to take care of my hair, I've decided its time i cross over back to the other side. Although i now have the knowledge to grow healthy relaxed hair, I miss my old hair. So i decided to blog my journey to help keep me on track to reunite me and my kinkx again, who knows maybe I'll relax again maybe i won't!

Pic above: 3 day old braid out + didnt sleep with a satin bonnet = bad hair day

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